How to detect a man who doesn’t love you anymore

1. He will no longer pay you any attention.
In a relationship, attention demonstrates that the connection is still strong and thriving. Your partner doesn’t need you anymore if he isn’t paying you the same amount of attention as he once did.
2. He refuses to pick up your calls.

One of the most important elements of a healthy and long-lasting relationship is communication. Therefore, it simply indicates that your man no longer needs you if he doesn’t enjoy having conversations with you, such as contacting you or striking up a conversation, or if he doesn’t even return your calls after he must have noticed the missed calls.

3. A lack of gratitude

Your man should value you, cherish you, and be eternally grateful to have you as his wife. In the event that he used to express his appreciation for you but has ceased doing so, it indicates a problem.



4. He will no longer spend time with you.

It appears as though he is avoiding you, even though you can see that he is unable to spend even a small amount of time with you. He consistently avoids situations that could bring you both together. This specific indication indicates that he no longer loves you.

5. No more sexual closeness

It appears that your partner is not interested in reuniting with you, not even for bedtime kisses or caressing sessions. He won’t be involved with anything that will put the two of you too close together. This is one indication that he is dating someone else. It is a sign that he is no longer in love with you if you no longer spark his sexual desire.

6. Reduced worth

He doesn’t treat you like anything anymore. He won’t give your feelings any thought; he will act decisively. For him, himself is the only thing that matters. Your partner’s lack of interest in you is evident if you observe such behavior in him.



7. Constantly initiating arguments

when you are being perfectly normal and your man easily starts picking fights with you. Even when you are not doing anything to annoy him, he will still quarrel with you, nag at you, and even yell at you. His attitude is screaming that he needs a break and is sick of you. He would never be yelling at you and starting a fight without having done anything wrong if he was still in love with you.

8. Prolonged justifications

It will be a serious red sign if he starts making excuses all the time, especially when you needed his attention. He will either tell you that he is busy or that he has traveled; some people may even make up stories to divert your attention. His attitude indicates that he is no longer devoted to you.

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